WELLIS – international TVC

International commercial and product video for Wellis.

WELLIS – international TVC

Commercials and product videos for national and international markets.





product video

virtual led


The aim of the campaign is to introduce and present a new product, a high-end pool developed by Wellis. We had to put the given slogan “Wellis – The experience of nature” on film. Also, we highlight the functions and innovations of the pool with a product presentation video.

Behind the scenes

The film starts with a woman working as a manager or entrepreneur coming home from work. Everything is completely ordinary, realistic. Starting from the actor’s arrival at home, we begin to gradually introduce the elements of nature into the film, mysteriously reaching the conclusion: the experience of a pool embedded in a jungle environment on the terrace.

In this world, Wellis is a device that brings the realm of dreams and fantasy worlds into reality.

The film gradually introduces elements that “do not fit in the apartment”, which apparently seem to invite the character somewhere. This is the intact nature which the pool is an integral part of.

This simultaneously suggests that Wellis transports you to the world of exotic recreation in a matter of a few seconds, and shows the product’s closeness to nature. Because this is one of the most energy-efficient pools in the world.


For a long time, we wanted to shoot the film with real scenery. Several locations were considered, but all of them proved too small to accommodate the pool. That’s why we decided to work with virtual LED technology, which allows us to shoot in any setting, in a sufficiently large space.


As additional material to the commercial film, we also created a more detailed product presentation video for the brand’s foreign distributors, so that they could easily, quickly and clearly convey the product’s advantages and the information needed for its use.