Creating an employer branding video and creating creatives for the company’s PPC image campaigns

image film

graphic design

employer branding


key visual

campaign creatives



MISSION: To show that Starschema is the coolest place to work for while introducing it to a wider audience.

DESCRIPTION: We had a lot of meetings with the Starschema team to figure out the main values we should communicate. We received audio files from the team answering the question of how they spend their day at Starschema. This way we could rely on real stories while creating the “Starschema day” concept for the video. We were also asked to create creatives for Starschema’s PPC campaigns which are visually engaging to the target audience. It was also important to present the company’s main area of expertise (big data) in a way which is easily understandable to wider audiences. We also created a print ad which had the aim to raise the attention of those who are interested in working in the IT area.

RESULTS: According to the feedbacks, everyone from the team said that our work represents the true Starschema-feeling. We placed the thought in the heads of the target group that Starschema is the “coolest place to work as a programmer”