PADTHAI – Commercial

An advertising film supporting the entry into the international market.

PADTHAI – Commercial

We made a commercial film to support the first entry into the international market of the successful Hungarian wokbar.



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We had to make a commercial that easily and quickly conveys the values, the main message and the image elements of Padthai Wokbar to a new target group. In short, we had to move this extremely inspiring, colorful world created by the Hungarian wokbar.


We conveyed the essence and main messages of Padthai Wokbar’s brand in a succinct fashion in just three times twenty seconds. The challenge was to articulate the brand as a whole as simply as possible to a target group that had never encountered it before. At the same time, it was necessary to convey values, ensure the brand’s recognizability, and help distinguish it from competitors, all in such a way that it was enjoyable to absorb the content. The commercials were used on social media platforms and in shopping malls.

Behind the scenes