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image film

creative strategy

Mission: Nespresso’s mission was to select a young director for the new image film, so it all started with a competition. They were searching for new ideas and new points of view. Our CEO, Ailen Nagy’s creative concept was chosen from more than 40 applications.

Description: One of our “love-projects”, so we loved all the moments of the pre-production, the shooting, and the post-production. We wanted to work with the best team possible, so we selected the greatest crew we could reach. Some of our favorite moments: selecting the earrings that match the capsules, taking 26 slow-mo shots about the coffee then not using any of them, working with a Hungarian compositor from London (Eszter Mics).

Results: An image film, named “Dress Up” was created from a woman’s point of view, with a sense of elegance and sophistication. The short version of the film was used as a TVC.