Gelarto Rosa

Gelarto Rosa

Introducing the Gelarto Rosa brand in Barcelona and managing the overall communication of the Gelarto Rosa brand in Budapest and Barcelona (ongoing)

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sales campaign


brand introduction


MISSION: Creating campaigns that expand the audience of Gelarto Rosa, make the Gelarto brand widely known, introducing the company’s new parlor in Barcelona and growing sales numbers

DESCRIPTION: We are responsible for planning and creating creatives for the day-to-day communication of the Gelarto Rosa brand. We were also tasked with introducing the brand in Barcelona in March 2018. We created occasional sales campaigns (St. Jordi campaign based on local traditions, a campaign related to the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, Family Day campaign) and worked with influencers. We also traveled to shoot some photos of the beautiful product in the heart of Barcelona and managed locals and tourists to be part of the shooting.

RESULTS: The sales numbers are increasing and the number of online followers are constantly growing. In Barcelona, we gained about 600 sales with our St. Jordi campaign on the promotion day by customers who were only visiting the store because of the campaign.