GELARTO – Find yourself in it!

6 flavors, 6 characters, 6 outfits. Flavors shaped into a story in short.

GELARTO – Find yourself in it!

Making videos for Gelarto Rosa’s branding campaign.





image film


Our task was to come up with characters for the different flavor combinations of this special ice cream and to show the world the Gelarto way of life. Everyone knows the “rose shaped ice cream maker” in Budapest, these roses on the cone appear almost as accessories in the photos taken by the customers. Consumers often choose flavors for a given outfit, and find their own style in the ice cream parlor. This kind of ice cream, because it is beautifully served (and, of course, made from the ingredients of the highest quality), stands out from the crowd, offers more than the average, and makes eating ice cream an experience. Those who want more choose Gelarto Rosa. We had to shape these characters.


We created cheerful characters, since humor and good mood are part of the brand. Also, it was very important for us to collaborate with Hungarian fashion designers to create outfits that match the various ice cream combinations. The clothes of Anna Amelie, Anna Daubner, Pakamé and Tomcsányi also appear in the film, and the accessories were also provided by Hungarian designers. The costumes and sets were extremely important because we had to create all the different worlds in a single studio. We shot six short videos in two long days, but we worked with a great crew (and of course it helped that we could eat the best ice cream in Budapest for two days.)