BORSODI – Feeling

Employer branding image video a Borsodinak.

BORSODI – Feeling

For years, we have been creating animated content related to Borsodi’s employer brand. Now we made an image film for them.

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image film


To catch the essence of what it means to be a member of the Borsodi team, tell the story of the true Borsodi-feeling and create a video where we can show the team as they are, in a cool way. 


We paid a lot of attention to getting to know the team and their stories, so we started the project with interviews. We wanted to build up a storyline from their reality. It was hard, because we couldn’t include all the great moments they mentioned in one story, but we had great help from the clients in the selection. The shooting took three long days and it was fun thanks to the fantastic team. We even missed them after the shootings.